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2017-06-27 daily note

1- Working in the Lyngby library on my master student's code; Yesterday, I was busy with personal stuff, hence no daily note. I feel pain on the left side of my rib cage, so I've made an appointment with a Doctor (my own doctor is on holidays). I guess the pain is a direct result of an unprepared body and a long canoe ride. I googled my symptoms and my professional diagnosis is that I will be dying soon. Just to ask a second opinion, I'm going to visit a doctor. Jokes aside, do not google your symptoms but take them seriously.

2- Now I'm thinking about death; what happens to my family if I die. If I'm cured from this horrible disease, am I going to change my lifestyle? I know it's a cliché, but it is not that bad to be forced to think about the end.

3- This Homayoun Shajarian's song, "ahay khabardar" that I can directly translate to "Hey, watchful" with a better translation "be alert"; it is killing me. The melody is based on Farhad's "city's martyrs" or "Shahidaye shahr". His voice is just beautiful.


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