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2017-06-23 daily note

1- I promised to give a talk about "fossil-fuel-dependent renewable energy" this coming November. My plan is to prepare a presentation based on my current work on the low-quality geothermal energy. But today is one of those days that I can barely focus on anything. The results of my work is almost ready (except the down hole pumping exergy) and I just need to write it down.

2- I just found that the assumption of injecting 100 m3/h cold water and extracting the same flow of hot water is wrong, since the amount of water that is extracted (kg water) is less than what will be later reinjected. I have to assume that 100 m3/h is extracted at high temperature and a the same mass flow of water is reinjected into the reservoir. I will run the code this afternoon on my gaming laptop (that is almost never used for gaming).

3- Presentation structure: Introduction to exergy (skip if unnecessary for the audience); problem statement and incentives; introduce the tools (exergetic recovery factors); model overview (flow in pipes, flow in porous media, pressure differences); process flow diagram (from natural gas to geothermal energy); results and discussion (compare with other alternatives, natural gas burner, talk about COP);


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