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2017-06-29 daily note

1- I was thinking about the well models for the long horizontal wells that go through many FVM cells. If the well pressure is known, it can be directly modeled in my FVM code, using a linear source term. If the flow rate is known, then it is not possible to directly find the source term in each cell, and one new variable (bottom hole pressure) must be defined. This new variable can also be eliminated from the system of equations, but then the equation for all the cells that are connected by the well needs to be modified. It makes sense, since the flow from the well to each cell depends on the flow into other cells that are in the perforated zone of the well. It can be done in my code, but things are mostly manual. I will think about a simple scheme for adding new variables to the system of equations.

2- I just agreed to review two more papers. I'll be busy next week.

3- This is not going to be a coherent thought: I wasted more than two weeks of my precious time on things that did not work. The only justification was that I won't regret for "not trying" later. This is stupid, even pathetic. I could have focused on my work without bothering. Of course it was not only my fault. Part of it is boundary condition as usual. Life is not always fair, and I'm very unhappy now. But I'm not really sad for being unhappy. I told you it's not going to make sense.

What should I do?

4- Life is not that bad after all.


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