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2017-06-22 daily note

1- Julia 0.6 is released and I finally updated my JFVM package to the most recent version of type system in Julia. I have not tagged the new version yet, but it is possible to check out the master branch. I also updated the readme page for JFVM and FVTool. Like it or not, it is more important to have a beautiful front page for presenting your work. Few people bother to go deep and check the inside. If the cover isn't shining, the product is as good as nonexistent.

2- Just check my paper that is under review in Applied Energy. One of the figures is extremely small. Apparently, I'd scaled it to 12% instead of resizing it to 12 cm! Stupid me. I also found a typing mistake in the conclusions. I just amended the file. There are very good conclusions in the paper, but the model and the results are rather boring (except the exergy section). Fortunately, the conclusions are very clear and interesting, thanks to the exergy analysis that I performed on the boring results of the model.

3- Still working on the geothermal energy paper. Now I have also calculated the coefficient of performance for the process, and the CO2 emission per unit heat delivered. One other way of analyzing the data is to find the maximum COP subject to some practical constraints, e.g., a project life time higher than 30 years, and a heat delivery rate that can cover a district(?) or a few houses(?) or greenhouses(?). One other issue with my current calculation is that I do not consider the pump inside the production well. The pressure in the production well goes below the hydrostatic pressure, i.e., the water level is not at the surface. We need to have a pump down-hole to bring water to the surface. If water level is, i.e., 1000 m down the production well, the pump should bring it up to the surface (i.e., atmospheric pressure). This 100 bar is quite high and needs to be considered in the calculation. I'll include it today.


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