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2017-06-15 daily note

1- Do we pay enough attention to the boundary conditions? Sometimes too much, sometimes too little. I have read many papers, that simulates a physical system, that is well described, with no mention of the boundary conditions. Consider Danckwerts boundary condition. Many people don't consider it in their simulations. Wrong boundary conditions results in erroneous outcome from a well thought-out model. I'm going to consider the importance of the boundary conditions in my reviews; major revision if you fail to describe it! When do we pay too much attention to the boundary conditions? Mostly in life, specially in politics. I have to think more about it.

2- Write a post about the change of temperature with altitude in the atmosphere. Use coolprop.

3- This is how I read excel files (different sheets) and save the sheets as csv files using Pandas, PyCall, and Julia.

# make sure that pandas and xlrd are installed:
# sudo pip install pandas
# sudo pip install xlrd
using PyCall
@pyimport pandas as pd
file_names=["Geothermal_Q100_.xlsx", "Geothermal_Q150_.xlsx", 
    "Geothermal_Q200_.xlsx", "Geothermal_Q250_.xlsx"]
for fn in file_names
    sh_names = x1[:sheet_names]
    for sh in sh_names
        df = pd.read_excel(fn, sh)

4- Finally finished the code for the geothermal energy problem, including the sensitivity analysis. I'll run it on my other laptop at home. This laptop is fine, but not a workhorse. The outcome of these simulations will be in a paper, and most probably in a presentation next month.

5- A quiet evening. Birds chirping outside the window and I'm killing myself by listening to this song from Homayoon Shajarian. What an amazing voice. The results of my simulations are good. So far I have only analyzed a few samples, and now I'm going to do all 150 simulation results automatically. You can find the results of my work in this repository.


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