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2017-06-14 daily note

1- I just learned a good trick to start my python 3 virtual environment that I use for running Nikola to update this blog. Add the following line to the end of your .bashrc file (located in your home folder):

alias py3="source ~/(path to your virtualenv)/bin/activate"

Now I can easily start my virtual environment by typing py3 in the terminal.

2- I just found out that in my JFVM.jl package, I can create 2D and 3D cell variable by assigning 1D arrays of the right size to the createCellVariable function, without reshaping the 1D array! It makes things (just a bit) easier in my reactive transport codes.

3- I bought some dried fruits and cashew nuts from this online shop. I just want to recommend it here if you happen to be close to the Netherlands. They have excellent products with a reasonable price (for this region).

4- Finally solved the geothermal problem in Julia, and just in time, because I have to go and pick up Aida from school.


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