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2017-06-06 daily notes

Working on my geothermal energy paper. The second part of my gasification paper, which is practically the last piece of underground coal gasification work from my PhD thesis, is finally under review in the Applied Energy. I should have published it way earlier. Procrastination, as usual. I submitted the whole chapter first to Energy and it was rejected. It was too long for a publication. Two years ago, still in Delft, I finally forced myself to divide it into two parts and submitted the first part to the International Journal of Coal Geology which was quickly accepted. It was a good polished work. The second part needed an introduction. I finished it a few weeks ago and submitted it to Applied Energy, because I want to make my CV look better by publishing in the journals with high impact factors. Otherwise, I don't really care. This one is also a good work, made even better by a couple of notes from the editor. I don't know how many more energy- and exergy-related publications I'm going to need before being considered a semi-expert on the field. I'm going to give it a try anyway.
One important aspect of what I do in the exergy-analysis of energy-extraction processes, is the simplicity. I try to make the calculation procedure simple and accessible, i.e., no fancy commercial expensive software or complicated numerical tool. But sometimes, I have this feeling that I'm not consistent in simplifying everything. For instance, phase equilibrium and thermodynamic calculations is a topic that I consider relatively simple. But, apparently, not too many researchers concur. I have to be more careful about these aspects of my work. I can, e.g., suggest simple alternatives.
Just received this message from the post that my package (well, Aidin's package has arrived). I ordered a bike trailer for him. He can now go biking with us, with the help of a baby seat that fits inside the trailer. I hope the trailer is not too wide, so I can put in in the bicycle shed in the basement. Exciting!
I feel tired again, for no reason apparently. It might be the vitamin D problem that I had back in the Netherlands. I guess I have to start taking pills again.
I'm going to look into the updated efficiency factors of the power plants (NGCC, IGCC, and PC). The values that I've used in my old Jupyter notebook seems outdated.


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